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All the publications are in Spanish, except (*)

Latin America, a Pending Debate. Contribuitions in Economics and Politics from a Gender Perspective. (pdf 3.71 Mb.). 2006.
Authors: Cecilia López Montaño, Alma Espino, Rosalba Todaro y Norma Sanchís.

Work, Identity and Social Links: Reflections and experiences at the flexible capitalism. 2006
Coordinators: Ximena Díaz, Lorena Godoy, Antonio Stecher, Juan Pablo Toro.
Authors: Carlos Peña; María Ester Feres; Ximena Díaz, Lorena Godoy & Antonio Stecher; Joseph María Blanch; André Béraud; Ada Cora Freytes Frey; María Eugenia Longo; María Eugenia de la O & Rocío Guadarrama; Ricardo Antunes; Tommy Wittke; Gonzalo Portocarrero; Pedro Güell.
Edition: Centro de Estudios de la Mujer & Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile.

The book put together the contributions of a group of Latin-American and European researchers, in a Seminary. The event took place in April 2005, at Santiago , Chile , and was organized by the Women' Studies Center and the Diego Portales University 's School of Psychology .
In the text, the diversity of approaches and disciplines are articulated with the intention to describe and explain the dynamic changes of the world of work, its impact on the subjectivities process, and in the ethical and political debate that it generates.

A new path for women?
Micro-enterprises and gender in Latin America at the outset of the 21st Century.

Editor: María Elena Valenzuela
Authors: Cynthia Pok, María Elena Valenzuela and Sylvia Venegas, Noelia Millán and Consuelo Ahumada B.,  Amalia Mauro, Carlos Salas, Carolina Trivelli and Angelina Cotler.

Remunerated work continues to be a central element in the lives of women.  Despite the major advances made during the 1990s in Latin America in pursuit of greater gender equity, especially because of the increased presence of women in the labor market.  An important gap still remains and the challenges still pending are of great importance.
In the global scenario in which Latin American is located, the importance of micro-enterprises has increased, especially for women, a subject which this book is dedicated to. Concern about the management of micro-enterprises, as well as about the external factors that condition their potential for development, are not new. What is new is the search for options in a world in which the rules of the economic and political game have been modified, closing options for more precarious small productive units that cannot confront open markets. But at the same time, open markets represent new opportunities to break out of the vicious circle of low productivity and marginality in which many micro-enterprises can be found. 
The studies about Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru presented in this book reflect on these problems and offer lines of action to resolve them. 

A new feminist silence?: The transformation of a social movement in Chilean post-dictatorship. 2004
Authors: Marcela Ríos, Lorena Godoy and Elizabeth Guerrero

This book, aptly named, definitively breaks the silence that has surrounded the theory and practice of Chilean feminism since the return to civilian government. The book is based on in-depth interviews with dozens of activists in three of the main cities of the country, on detailed organizational profiles of a broad spectrum of feminist groups, on extensive documentary evidence, and on a meticulous review of relevant secondary sources.  A new feminist silence offers us convincing conceptual innovations, recent empirical data and a provocative political analysis, establishing new parameters for future studies about the feminist movement and other social movements in Chile in the post-transitional period.

Work is transformed: production relations and gender relations. 2004 (pdf 730 Kbs.)

Editors: Rosalba Todaro and Sonia Yáñez
Authors: Ximena Díaz, Virginia Guzmán, Amalia Mauro, Rosalba Todaro, and Sonia Yáñez.

How has the relationship between work and the other dimensions of life changed since the times of our grandmothers? Is the relationship that women have to work and to the family different from that which men have? In what way are the two spaces of work and family related? Are we in a different epoch? Or are we moving toward totally new forms of social organization?  These are some of the questions which this book seeks to answer.
We are facing a change of epoch according to the research of the last five years and what is registered in this book.
Work is one of the most important factors in the formation of both the identity of persons and the differentiation between the sexes, in the construction of genders and in how social hierarchies are constructed.  Based on this conviction, this institution published a book focused on work flexibility, analyzing the ways in which the organization of work and production influences the organization of people´s lives, and vice versa.  Most importantly, this is done with a focus on gender, which makes visible the differences in how men and women relate to work.
This book addresses the ongoing tension between freedom and protection, the potentials of the new information and communication technologies, flexible and precarious work, the different forms of work contracts, and changes in the working day, among others. The working lives of women and men in distinct epochs are examined, relating them to the gender order in a social context. The bet is that it will make an important contribution in a society with greater levels of equity.

Free and Equal? : Society and politic from the feminist perspective. 2003

Author: Judith Astelarra

This book by Judith Astelarra was written with intellect and emotion.  As the socially aware citizen that she is, the author participated actively in the democratization process in Spain in the 1980s and 90s.  She has written a critical analysis about this process, with an intellectual rigor that sheds light on the relation between women and politics. In this dimension, her dialogue with the Latin American feminist movement and the pulse of social processes on this side of the ocean, are central elements in her theoretical arguments.

This is a book to be read by different generations of men and women. For those of us who were part of this process, personal experience acquires order and sense in the context of theory. For young people who are living in a different reality, whose origins lie in the struggles and debates of the previous decades, these pages will help them to understand the collective processes that have influenced their personal lives in a decisive way.

The importance of feminist struggles and of the creation of theoretical thought from a feminist perspective for building democracy is made evident in these pages as a reality validated by history and as a relevant question in the dawning of a new century.


Changes in Labor: Conditions for a Sustainable Labor System. 2002

Editor: Eugenia Hola

Authors: Enrique de la Garza, Norbert Lechner, Virginia Guzmán, Rainer Dombois, Klais Pickhaus, Thomas Kruse, Magaly Pineda, Thlema Gálvez, Cynthia Pok, Laís Abramo, Fernando De Laire, Cecilia Montero, Raúl González, Rosalba Todaro.


The international seminar "Changes in Labor: Conditions for a Sustainable Labor System" we are presenting in this book picks up the debate of the first meeting held in 1999 on Labor, Flexibility and Gender. Here we widen the issue of social actors and stress the necessary conditions for a sustainable labor system that retrieves the labor environment's new aspects and, at the same time, allows to raise and increase human and social resources.


Work and family: reconciling? : Gender prospects. 2002


Editors: José Olavarría y Catalina Céspedes

Authors: Ana Bell, Catalina Céspedes, Ximena Díaz, Julia Medel, Haydée Moreno, José Olavarría, Verónica Oxman, Marisol Saborido, Patricia Silva.


This book collects the discussion about the difficult reconciling between work and family and strains so generated. Needs for publics policies favoring balance between work and family, both in private and public spaces, not reproducing labor discrimination nor gender inequities, and making possible the family life, are posed.


Gender in Economics. 2001

Editors: Rosalba Todaro and Regina Rodríguez

Authors: Debbie Budlender, Cristina Carrasco, Alma Espino, María S. Floro, Virginia Guzmán, Gita Sen, Rosalba Todaro, Paloma de Villota, Gina Zabludovsky.


This book gives grounds to a better understanding of the interdependence the organization of the economy and the system of gender relations in modern societies.
Eight articles refer to a wide range of gender economic analysis: the process of globalizations, financing for development, gender analysis of national budgets, mainstreaming gender in Ministries of Finance, indicators to evaluate impact of liberalization of international trade, measuring care and domestic work and gender analysis of fiscal policies. The authors that contribute to this volume are: Debbie Budlender, Cristina Carrasco, Alma Espino, María Floro, Virginia Guzmán, Gita Sen, Rosalba Todaro, Gina Zabludovsky y Paloma de Villota.

Myths and facts of gender and micro-enterprise in Chile. 2001

Authors: María Elena Valenzuela, Sylvia Venegas


Describes and analyses current tendencies in Chile, focusing on the question of gender and its significance to small business operation. Raise the policy question of how to develop strategies to counteract any identified gender disadvantage, and thereby improve the opportunities of women in self-employment and small business.


Labor, Flexibility and Gender: Tensions of a Process. 2001

Editoras: Ximena Díaz, Eugenia Hola

Authors: María Ester Feres, Sonia Yáñez, Helena Hirata, Magdalena Echeverría, Jacob Carlos Lima, Diego López, Nadya Araujo, Sara María Lara, Silvia Berger, Thomas Kruse, Alma Espino, Cynthia Pok.


In November, 1999 CEM convened Chilean and Latin American researchers to debate on the deep changes in labor and the impact on social and gender relationships. This book gathers the papers presented at the seminar as well as the debate issued there from.


Women's Insertion in the Labor Market: Trade Unionism, Gender and Flexibilization in Mercosur and Chile. 1999

Editors: Jaime Ensignia, Sonia Yáñez

Autors: Malva Espinosa y Hugo Yanes, Alma Espino, Laís Abramo, Sonia Yáñez.


The book presents its readers with the main papers discussed during the international seminar on "gender, flexibilization and women's insertion in the labor market in Mercosur", held May 13-14, 1999 in Santiago.

Women's Careers: Generational Changes in the Labor Market. 1999 

Authors: Virginia Guzmán, Amalia Mauro, Katia Araujo.

The document is based on a research of three generations of female workers living at Santiago, Chile. It analyses their professional careers, their perceptions of obstacles and possibilities to combine paid work and family responsibilities.


Debating Citizenship. 1997

Editors: Eugenia Hola and Ana María Portugal

Authors: Rosario Aguirre Jeannine Anderson, Paola Cappellin, Elizabeth Jelin, Eugenia Hola, Bérenère Marques-Pereira, Maximne Molyneux, Virginia Vargas Valente, Nira Yuval-Davis. Ediciones CEM and Isis International

In eight essays, Latin American and English-speaking authors highlight contending viewpoints in the contemporary debate on the nature of citizenship, explore efforts at a conceptual redefinition and point to the contributions such discussion make from the standpoint of gender towards rethinking the processes involved in social participation and the formation of a culture of citizenship.

On Women and Globalization. 1997

Editors: Sonia Yáñez and Rosalba Todaro

Authors: Jorge Arrate, Sonia Yánez and Rosalba Todaro, Laís Abramo, Paulina Veloso, Haroldo Venegas, Manuel Jiménez, Pablo Lazo, Diego López.z


This book is based on a research conducted at CEM on the impact of Free-trade Agreements on Women Work and includes the viewpoints of the speakers at CEMs 1996 seminar on the subject.


The Gender Division of Labor: Permanence and Change. 1997

Authors: Helena Hirata and Danièle Kergoat, with Marie-Hélène Zylberberg-Hocquard of the Centre Nacional de Recherche Social du France. Ediciones CEM, PIETTE and the Argentine Association on Work and Society.


This volume compiles research conducted by three leading french sociologist since 1983 that are available for the first time to the Spanish-speaking public. It demonstrates the importance of work and employment issues in understanding the mechanisms that create and perpetuate gender-based hierarchies. Well-suited for use as a course text in specialized gender studies programs.


Knowledge as a Political Fact. 1996

Editors: Virginia Guzmán and Eugenia Hola

Authors: Jeannine Anderson, Gonzalo Portocarrero, Hugo Zemelman, Olga Grau, Roberto Guimares, Miryam Krawczyk, María Elena Valenzuela, Eugenio Lahera, Virginia Guzmán, María del Carmen Feijóo, Natacha Molina.


This book brings together presentations and discussions at the 1994 international

seminar on "Research Findings and Public Policy: The Case of Gender Studies," held to mark the 10th anniversary of CEM. How the generation of knowledge creates new scenarios, new social practices and policies, and research issues is the subject of the discussion.


Women' Work in the Era of Globalization. 1995

Editors: Rosalba Todaro and Regina Rodríguez

Authors: Marta Roldán, Laís Abramo, Alice Rangel de Paiva Abreu, Virginia Guzmán y Rosalba Todaro, Pawadee Tonguthai, Valentine M. Moghadam, Matilde Salganicoff, Helen I. Safa, María do Carmo Nunes, María Angeles Sallé.


Through 11 studies conducted in the Americas, Europe and Asia, this book examines how work performed by women has been affected by recent changes in the organization of labor, the introduction of new technologies and the globalization of markets.


Health Unheeded: Women in the Fruit Picking and Packing Industry. 1994
Authors: Julia Medel and Verónica Riquelme

Working conditions, household and family chores, physical discomfort and illness, unemployment and medical care --as viewed by 300 seasonal farm laborers surveyed in two regions of Chile.


Health Unheeded: Women in the Garment Industry. 1994

Authors: Ximena Díaz and Norah Schläen


The working environment of the garment industry and its impact on the well-being of women pieceworkers, as revealed by a survey of their perception of the "aches and pains" and the "health troubles" associated with their labor.


Women, Power and Politics: New Strains on Old Structures. 1993

Authors: Eugenia Hola and Gabriela Pischedda


In the uneasy relationship of women, power and politics the three are often at odds, especially in the realm of party politics. Interviews with Chilean women political figures illustrate this tension, marked by the classic polarity between conservatism and change.


Sexual Harassment at Work. 1993

Authors: Bárbara Délano and Rosalba Todaro

Levels of sexual harassment in different occupations and at different levels of job responsibility are examined in this work, based on a survey of 1,200 women workers in the Greater Santiago area. Also included is a discussion of the concept of sexual harassment and a look at the issue from the viewpoint of Chilean males.

Women, Work and Health: Garment Industry Workers. 1992


Authors: Ximena Díaz and Norah Schläen

The findings of a survey of women garment workers are presented in a textbook format designed to stimulate group discussion about health and work and to enhance the formulation of proposals on how to make earning a living a source of personal well-being and satisfaction.

Mechanisms of Power: Men and Women in the Modern Corporation. 1992

CEM- GEL, Buenos Aires

Authors: Eugenia Hola and Rosalba Todaro.

Research into gender relations in the contemporary Chilean corporations is presented showing that sex discrimination persists even in companies that are relatively more modern and is perpetuated by their organizational practices. This work also examines the strategies that women develop to outflank discriminatory career hurdles.


Bad Love: Violence within Four Walls. 1991

Autor: Marisol Santelices

In-depth interviews with 16 middle-class and lower-income women reveal the evolution of a violent family relationship, ways used to escape such a situation and the role domestic violence plays in the exercise of power within the family.

Business Workshops for Women: From Social Organization to the Microenterprise. 1990
Author: Ximena Díaz

A critical assessment of a CEM´s program: Workshops for women to help them to develop their own businesses. 1987 - 1990.

Women Seasonal Workers: Their view of work. 1989

Authors: Julia Medel, Soledad Olivos and Verónica Riquelme

Using a qualitative approach based on discussion groups, the authors uncover the feelings of seasonal fruit pickers and packers about wage labor and social participation. Their relationships on and off the job are explored, along with the conflicts, concerns and stresses of being a working mother and what they find gratifying in the world of work.

A Woman's World: Continuity and Change. 1988.  (out of print)

Authors: Ana María Arteaga. Cecilia Cardemil, Ximena Díaz, Mariluz Dussuel, Thelma Gálvez, Eugenia Hola, Marcela Latorre, Lilian Letelier, Dánica Malic, Sonia Montecino, Sergio Morales, Giselle Munizaga, Adriana Muñoz, Josefina Rossetti, Elena Serrano, Rosalba Todaro, Ximena Valdés, Angélica Wilson.

Various authors survey and describe the forms that discrimination against women takes in health, education, law, work, cultural and political activities and social organizations. Research for this book was conducted prior to the restoration of the democratic political system in Chile in 1990, in a desire to offer a comprehensive assessment of the situation of women that would aid the formulation of demands for equity and the development of policies and programs for the then-approaching return of democracy


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Research notes

Research notes N°1: "working lives and social security in Chile in the context of flexibility"  Results of a longitudinal study (pdf 582 Kb.). Amalia Mauro, Sonia Yáñez. Santiago, March, 2005.

Research notes N°2: "critical analysis of historical studies of feminine work in Chile" (pdf 152 Kb.). María Soledad Zárate, and Lorena Godoy. Santiago, July, 2005.

Research notes N°3 "work, identity and citizenship meanings; women and men experiences in a flexible labor market".  (pdf. 2.9 Mb.).  Ximena Díaz, Lorena Godoy, Antonio Stecher.  Santiago, December, 2005.

 Research notes 
 Working Papers 
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Working Papers

"Carers of life. Making visible the cost of unpaid health production at home: Impact on women´ work load". (Microsof Word Document, Kb). Julia Medel, Ximena Díaz, Amalia Mauro.  2006. On-line version.

"Work time flexibility in Chile: towards more opportunities equity or new gender inequities?" Ximena Díaz, and Julia Medel. 2002.

 "Medical Leaves for Child Care: Pediatricians" Opinion. Tatiana Rojas. 2001.

"Work and Gender Relationships: Men's Perceptions and Practices". Amalia Mauro, Lorena Godoy, Virginia Guzmán. 2001.

"Social networks: Construction of domestic violence against women as a public issue and policy object". Virginia Guzmán, Amalia Mauro, Kathya Araujo. 2000.

Chilean Feminism(s) in the nineties: Paradoxes of an unfinished transition (pdf 92 Kb). Marcela Ríos, 2000.

 "State - Society relations in public policy processes: The implementation of the Equal Opportunity Plan for Women". Virginia Guzmán, Eugenia Hola, Marcela Ríos. 1999.

"Women in the labor marker: The companies perspective". Rosalba Todaro, Lorena Godoy, Laís Abramo. 1999.

"Unpaid work of women: working conditions and health of housewives". Julia Medel, Ximena Díaz , Tatiana Cárdenas, and Ana Tosi. 1998.

"Considerations regarding flexibility in the labor force from a gender perspective". Sonia Yáñez. 1998.

"Gender and work in business decision-making". Laís Abramo, Rosalba Todaro.  1998.

"Proliferation of subcontracting in the Chilean garment industry: A source of jeopardizing the quality of women's employment". Ximena Díaz , Sonia Yañez. 1998.


 Research notes 
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Other Documents: Articles in Journals and Books, Documents in other institutions editions, Papers

"A woman president:  Democratic parity and women´ empowerment". (Microsoft Word document,  kb. Virginia Guzmán, Santiago, Chile, 2006.

"Women´ careers in the Chilean financial sector. New opportunities, old discriminations" (Microsoft word doc., 62 Kb). Amalia Mauro. XXV LASA Congress, August 2005, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

"Do we have gender statistics?" (Microsoft Word document, 46 Kb.) Sonia Yáñez (International Conference "Chile measuring the inequity gaps: Gender Statistics and Indicators". Santiago. 2005.

"Methology for labor cost estimation by sex". Lais Abramo, Silvia Berger, Héctor Szretter and Rosalba Todaro.Working Paper 23, Geneva: OIT. 2004.

"Remunerations and labor force cost survey. A gender analysis".  Rosalba Todaro. Santiago de Chile: Sernam Paper. 2004.

"Women´ unpaid work". Julia Medel. In: Invisibility of women´ contributions to the domestic economy.  Santiago de Chile: MEMCH. 2004.

Labor rights of women workers at the export agriculture sector: Chilean and Colombian fruit growing". Manuel Parra, Julia Medel. In: Fruits and Flowers for export. Women´s working conditions at Chile and Colombia. Oxfam. 2004.

"Labor impact of the direct foreign investment: Importance of a gender analysis" (pdf 245 Kb.) Rosalba Todaro. In Paloma Villota (editor) Economy and Gender: Macroeconomic, fiscal politic and liberalization.  Women impact analysis. Santiago, July 2003.

"The labor adjustment in Latin America: A gender perspective (1995 - 2002)." Julia Medel, Manuel Parra. In: Panorama Laboral 2003, América Latina y el Caribe. Lima: OIT. 2003.

"Labor costs and social reproduction: Comparative analysis of five Latin-American countries." IN: Rosalba Todaro and Lais Abramo (editors), A Myth in question. Men and Women labor costs in Latin America. Lima: OIT. 2002.

"Labor costs differentiated by sex: The Chilean case." Rosalba Todaro. In Lais Abramo and Rosalba Todaro (editors), A Myth in question. Men and Women labor costs in Latin America. Lima: OIT. 2002.

"Direct and indirect Labor cost factors differentiated by sex:  Business information." Rosalba Todaro. In Lais Abramo and Rosalba Todaro (editors), A Myth in question. Men and Women labor costs in Latin America. Lima: OIT. 2002.

"Notes about Gender in the Global Economy" (Pdf 52 Kb.). Virginia Guzmán and Rosalba Todaro In: Rosalba Todaro and Regina Rodríguez  (editors), Gender in Economics. Ediciones de las Mujeres Núm 32. Santiago de Chile: Centro de Estudios de la Mujer. Isis Internacional. 2001.

"Democratic Sustainability and Citizenship: notes for a debate". Virginia Guzmán. In: Women and Sustainability: Exchange and Debate between the Feminist and the Ecological Movements. Santiago de Chile: LOM.  2001.

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"Posibilita e rischi dell incontituzionalitá". Virginia Guzmán. In: Un eredita senza testamento inchiesta dei "Fempress" sui femminismi di fine secolo. Milano, Italia.  Quederni di via dogana. Libreria delle donne.  2001.

"Men' Careers: Changes in the Labor Market." Amalia Mauro, Kathya Araujo, Lorena Godoy In: José Olavaria (editor), Hombres identidades y violencia. Santiago de Chile: Red Masculinidad/es Chile-FLACSO, Universidad Academia Humanismo Cristiano.  2001.

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"The Chilean Quality of Employment: A Gender Analysis". In: More and Better Jobs for Women. The Experience of Mercosur countries and Chile. Rosalba Todaro, Amalia Mauro, Sonia Yáñez. Santiago de Chile: ILO. 2000.

(*) "How domestic violence came to be viewed as a public issue and policy object ". (pdf 66 Kb.) Kathya Araujo, Virginia Guzmán, Amalia Mauro. Santiago. De Chile: CEPAL Review N 70, pp. 133-145. April 2000.

 "Professional careers of Three Women Generations". Virginia Guzmán, Amalia Mauro,  Katia Araujo. Ponencia presentada en el Congreso de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Sociología del Trabajo (ALAST), Buenos Aires. 2000.

"Citizens´ Safety and Violence in Latin America: Diagnoses and Policies in the Nineties". Irma Arriagada, Lorena Godoy.  In: Serie Políticas Sociales Núm 32.  CEPAL. 1999.

"Flexible Accumulation of Income in the Garment Industry: Women´Employment". Ximena Díaz. In: Cecilia Montero, Mario Alburquenque, Jaime Ensignia, (editors).Labor and Enterprises Between two Centuries. Caracas, Venezuela: Editorial Nueva Sociedad. 1999.

"Flexibility Strategies of Chilean Labor Hours" Ximena Díaz and Diego López. In: Progress made by Equity Policies between Men and Women in Labor, 1994-1999 and Challenges facing the 21st Century. Santiago de Chile: Servicio Nacional de la Mujer (SERNAM). 1999.

"Considerations on Labor Flexibility Stated from a Gender Perspective" Sonia Yáñez. In: Jaime Ensignia and Sonia Yáñez (editors) Women's insertion in the labor market: trade unionism, gender and flexibilization in Mercosur and Chile.  Santiago de Chile: Friedrich Ebert Foundation/CEM. 1999.

"Women's Labor Conditions: The Chilean Case". Ximena Díaz, Julia Medel. In: Labor and Maternity: The Norms Protecting the Health of Pregnant Women. Work Document Núm 91, Santiago de Chile: ILO, Labor Directorship. 1998.

"New Experiences on Social Public Policies: Social Investment Funds in Latin America and the Caribbean". Marta Rangel, Lorena Godoy. In: Revista Paraguaya de Sociología, año 35, Núm 101. Enero/Abril. Asunción, Paraguay. 1998. 

"The road that leads to the plaza: Outlining the feminist field of action today". Marcela Ríos. In Memoria del Conversatorio Theoretical and Comparative Reflections on Feminisms in Chile and Latin America. 1998.

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"Literature on gender and work: theoretical approaches, interaction between demand and supply and differences in labor costs based on sex in Chile". Sandra Lerda. Revista Pensamiento Iberoamericano, N 30. Madrid.

"A Cohort Approach to Women's Participation in Labor market." Amalia Mauro. In Revista de Estadística y Economía N 15, Santiago de Chile: Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas. 1997.

"How Much do Women Cost? An Analysis of Labor Costs Based on Sex." Sandra Lerda, Rosalba Todaro.   In Revista Sociología del Trabajo, N 30. Madrid. 1997.

"How much do women cost? A gender analysis of labor costs". (pdf 56 Kb.). Sandra Lerda and Rosalba Todaro. Article presented at the IAFFE Conference,Taxco. 1996.


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Monthly review

"Argumentos para el cambio" N°1 - 67. Centro de Estudios de la Mujer. March 1996 -March 2006.


Training booklet

"Caution with solvents at home. Advise for a safe use in home workshops." CEM. August 2003.

"Organic solvents and human health" Booklet  for Health workers. CEM. August 2003.



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