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 About CEM 
  About CEM

The Women´s Studies Center

The Women's Study Center is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1984 by women social scientists and economists concerned with gender issues. Known as CEM from the initials of its Spanish name "Centro de Estudios de la Mujer" it conducts research, training, communication and consulting programs, concentrating on the fields of labor and employment, citizenship and political participation, and public policy planning.

The essence of CEM "and the activity that makes possible and supports its other work" is research. Solidly grounded and discerning analysis from CEM strives to explain gender relations and illuminate their interaction with and influence on other forms of social, economic and political behavior.
Our researchers apply a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches. They draw on contributions from the social sciences, examine statistical data from secondary sources, and conduct their own field studies. Opinion surveys, personal interviews, and in-depth biographies are only some of the tools that CEM specialists use to examine issues and topics from different angles.

At CEM, new categories of analysis are used to interpret social realities and to impart gender-related findings to individuals and groups in ways that help them develop and increase their personal and organizational resources.
Our educational programs and materials are valued for their academic quality and gender perspective. They range from training courses for working women to a program in Gender and Society Studies we recently designed in conjunction with four other institutions.

Effective communication is a continuing concern at CEM. Sharing viewpoints and findings on gender issues with other professionals, policy makers, the general public and with women in particular is one of our major purposes. Our information programs put issues relating to gender on the public agenda and help shape public opinion.
CEM issues publications, books and white papers and publishes Arguments for Change, an informative monthly policy letter. Our researchers also publish in the general press and academic and professional journals and are frequent contributors on radio and television discussion programs.

Through its consulting activities, CEM provides expertise and research findings to social organizations, public agencies, and governments throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
CEM has advised community groups and government policy makers in Chile since its founding and, at the request of international bodies, has consulted on numerous projects elsewhere in the region.
In an ongoing program initiated in 1990, CEM has served as consultant to various agencies of the Chilean government, assessing issues, evaluating social programs, conducting research and training, and aiding in the formulation of public policy. Among its other consulting assignments, CEM has both prepared proposals for and evaluated equal opportunities plans in Chile and other Latin American countries.



 Our Staff 


Our Staff

Research Associates
Amalia Mauro,
Sociologist and Director, CEM
Virginia Guzmán, Psychologist and Assistant Director, CEM
Ximena Díaz, Sociologist
Eugenia Hola
, Sociologist
Julia Medel, Sociologist
Lorena Godoy, historiadora
Rosalba Todaro, Economist
Sonia Yáñez, Economist

Visiting Research
María Elena Valenzuela
, Sociologist

Collaborating Consultants
Kathya Araujo
, Psychologist
Thelma Gálvez, Economist
Diego López, Lawyer
Eliana Rahal, Psychologist
Charlin-Easton Ltda., Survey Advisors

Administrative Staff
Laura Vörgard
, Office Manager
Juana Palma, Secretary
Nelly Quiroz, Secretary
Ximena Vidal, Secretary



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